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You Belong Here

For too long museums have been elite institutions not everyone felt welcomed to visit and enjoy. We aim to shift that paradigm. The Phillips Collection is committed to ensuring that all members of our community feel seen and valued in everything we do. DEAI values guide us in sustaining our dynamic museum environment—comprised of staff, the board of trustees, supporters, volunteers, audiences, collections, exhibitions, programming, and internal operations. We unlock diversity’s power and beauty by intentionally fostering an inclusive, accessible museum fashioned upon a foundation of equity. Only by promoting and living out these values can the Phillips truly democratize belonging in our museum and set an example for our field.

You belong here and we are honored to be with you on our DEAI journey.

Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

Our Journey, June 2021

DEAI at the Phillips

Paid Internships and Fellowships

The Phillips Collection’s paid internship and paid fellowship program serves as a pipeline of future museum professionals from underrepresented populations and others who have experienced barriers to entry in the field. These unique opportunities make the pathway to museum employment more accessible to students as they pursue a career in the museum field. It is our aim to foster a professional community that reflects the breadth of our diverse society.

Meet Our Interns and Fellows