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placeholder - Laib Wax Room
Collection Highlights Recent Acquisitions
Collection Highlights The Migration Series
Collection Highlights The Rothko Room
Collection Highlights Luncheon of the Boating Party
Collection Highlights The Wax Room
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Collage of 6 artworks

Seeing U.S.

Exploring and sharing fuller histories of American art through a reexamination of our permanent collection

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A grid of 8 squares with colorful shapes in them on a pink background

What is collecting?

Explore the concept of museum collections through these games and activities.

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House gallery, second floor, with works by John Marin, c. 1955

A Vital Collection

Learn about how Duncan and Marjorie Phillips built their collection and how the collection continues to grow today.

Phillips Firsts

Congenial Spirits

Our United States

Audio Tour

Listen to audio stops about works in the permanent collection

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Photograph of a gallery with a lot of people mingling and a very large reproduction of Degas's Dancers at the Barre painting

Collection on Tour

See where our permanent collection has traveled around the world.

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